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What we do

The activities of Centro Studi GISED are supported through research contracts, membership fees and donations from public institutions and private citizens.

Among those that contributed, are:

  • Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA)
  • European Commission
  • Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer (LILT)
  • Health Protection Agency (ATS) of the province of Bergamo
  • Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Inc.
  • L'Oreal Research
  • IBSA

Agreements are in place between
Centro Studi GISED and the following institutions:

University of Milan with participation in the T.Chalmers Inter-university Center.

Centro Studi GISED, in its function as a reference center for the evidence based medicine, collaborates with some public and private institutions:

  • M. Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research, Milan
  • Italian Cochrane Network
  • Italian Medicines Agency
  • Ministry of Health
  • Health Protection Agency of the province of Bergamo
  • Partecipasalute Initiative
  • Department of Mathematics, University of Milan
  • European Dermatoepidemiology Network (EDEN)
  • International Dermatoepidemiology Association (IDEA)
  • Cochrane Skin Group
  • Dermatology Clinic, University Hospital of Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Italian Society of Rheumatology
  • Dermatology Clinic, University Hospital of Bern (Switzerland)

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