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Vitiligo - FAQ

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Vitiligo is a skin condition clinically characterised by the development of non-pigmented spots, due to the complete absence of melanocytes in the affected area. There is an increased risk of certain diseases, particularly thyroid disease, pernicious anemia, diabetes mellitus, Sutton's nevus, etc. It is estimated that about 1% of the world population is affected by this disease.

I suffer from vitiligo for about ten years. I am 38 years old. Is there anything new about the care? At least in the face I wish I could do something especially for the summer because in winter, since i have a very fair skin, spots are not so visible. What do you propose? What are the costs? Thank you.

Current in the treatment of vitiligo is the XTRAC Excimer Laser. It is a pulsed light laser in which the energy is produced by a gas, the xenon, and emitted in the form of pulses of very short duration and high intensity. It uses a monochromatic light of 308 nanometers, a wavelength in the spectrum of UVB, ideal for the treatment of vitiligo; it works by stimulating the proliferation of melanocytes present at the boundaries of vitiligo patches and/or in the hair follicles and influencing the immune response in treated areas. Its effects, compared to conventional treatments such as PUVA therapy, phototherapy, local or systemic drug treatment and others, are more powerful and exclusively targeted to lesions. In addition, laser treatment can reach areas that otherwise would not be easily accessible and prevents hyperpigmentation of the areas not affected by vitiligo. Centro Studi GISED

Hello, my name is ... and lives at. Seven years ago the famous white vitiligo patches have appeared and from then on they only increase. However, I have recently noticed that the various scars, (because of herpes or mosquito bite) take several months before disappearing. I would like kindly to know if vitiligo is involved in this, because I will undergo an operation and I am concerned about the consequences. Thanking in advance, I hope to read you soon.

Dear Madam (...), yes, the clear spots of vitiligo can locate precisely where mechanical factors (trauma, wounds, insect bites peeling etc.) have acted. The pathogenesis of this phenomenon is not clear. Vitiligo is not a dangerous disease for health, but certainly unaesthetic. Unfortunately there are no really effective treatments able to resolve the problem, however, many products are available that can artificially pigment the skin, restoring a uniform colourful. Best Regards. Dr. Lorenzo Peli - GISED

Dear doctor is it possible to contract vitiligo by contact?

No, it is not possible. Best Regards. Dr. Anna Di Landro - GISED

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