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Is an infestation by the scabies mite (Sarcoptes scabiei). It is usually transmitted by direct contact and is characterised by generalised intractable itchiness, often with minimum cutaneous manifestations. Diagnosis can be difficult: scabies should be taken into consideration in all patients with persistent itching that is generalised and intense.

Dear Doctor, my mother has contracted scabies. The Ill was diagnosed yesterday (initially they believed it was chickenpox) because he had several rash of small rosy boils, all over the body, particularly in armpits, groin, abdomen and neck. What precautions we can take? At the moment none of us has itching or reddened areas. Many thanks for the reply. Greetings.

Dear Madam, scabies is caused by a mite, and it is contagious primarily for direct interpersonal contact, as the mite does not survive in the environment long. Therefore precautions consist in avoiding direct contact with patient and his personal belongings (especially clothes and sheets). In case of direct contact is useful to run a treatment with permethrin or benzyl benzoate. A simple wash in a washing machine or exposure to sunlight and air for several hours (for blankets) is usually sufficient to eliminate the mite from tissues. Best Regards Dr. Lorenzo Peli - GISED

I would like to know in which cases a person may be most attacked by mites, and what remedies use in case of attack. Thank you.

Generally we can say that the scabies mite infects healthy people who have contact with infected people or environments, beds, linen, etc., and that infection is more severe and spreads more quickly in immunodeficient people. Best Regards, Dr. Anna Di Landro - GISED

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