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PsoditCentro Studi GISED, in collaboration with ADOI and with the support of SIDeMaST and Adipso, was involved in PsoDIt, a research project on psoriasis, a natural continuation of the PsoCare project.

The project had been activated in order to:

  • evaluate the long-term results of systemic treatments, especially the long-term effectiveness of biologic drugs, the rate of resistance emergence, the efficacy in comparison to other available therapies and the usefulness of combined treatments;
  • determine the safety profile of the various treatments, in particular the toxicity profile over time, the rates of adverse reactions and drug interactions;
  • assess the impact of treatments in populations excluded from clinical trials: children, patients with chronic multiple diseaes, elderly and pregnant women;
  • promote shared guidelines for the clinical management of psoriasis.

The project envisaged the maintenance of a follow-up for at least 5 years in most (about 75%) of patients already included in PsoCare project.

Data were collected by participating physicians in an available on-line form.

Centro Studi GISED attended the statistical analysis of the collected data.

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