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Program of imaging and assisted diagnosis in dermatology

What we do

Programma analisi di immagini e sistemi predittivi in dermatologia

This is a structured research program focused on the development of systems for the management of clinical images, assisted diagnosis of inflammatory skin diseases and skin cancer, and the prediction of responses in clinical practice. The program is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics - University of Milan. We currently have developed a first system for imaging analysis of inflammatory skin lesions and also a predictive model of clinical response to treatment with ultraviolet light in vitiligo.

Results of a study, coordinated by Dr. Simone Cazzaniga, have been published on Dermatology journal.

Cazzaniga S, Sassi F, Mercuri SR et al. Prediction of Clinical Response to Excimer Laser Treatment in Vitiligo by Using Neural Network Models. Dermatology. 2009 Jun 18.

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