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Pemphigus - FAQ

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Is a serious, bullous, autoimmune disease , acute or chronic, of the skin and mucous membranes; it has to be treated with immunosuppressive medicines.

Hello, my nameís (Ö) and Iím writing to you from... A few days ago my father was admitted into Hospital and diagnosed with Pemphigus. I would like to ask if you could give me some information on it. What I have found so far on the web isnít completely reassuring. Please help me. Thank you for your attention.

Dear Writer, Pemphigus is a bullous disease (meaning that itís characterised by the appearance of fluid filled blisters on the skin) owed to an alteration in the connections between the cells of the epidermis. The cause of the disease is very complicated and can be very serious if it isnít adequately treated. The treatment is principally based on cortisones and the patient should be followed closely during treatment by the doctor and specialist dermatologists in charge. Best regards, Dr Lorenzo Peli Ė GISED.

Dear Dr Peli, Iím (Ö) and I write to you for some more detailed information on Pemphigus, a disease which has hit my daughter..., aged 23. it should be said that my wife has also been suffering for many years and has been admitted to the dermatology department at... I have to say that also one of the brothers of my mother-in-law has been affected. I ask you Doctor, what can alleviate suffering such as this, my wife has been affected from top to toe, including her vagina. For my daughter itís more localised around her vagina and my mother-in-law is also affected in several places. My mother-in-lawís brothers have been affected like the others. Does a cure exist? Thank you in advance of your kind response.

Dear Sir, Pemphigus is a bullous disease that can affect both the skin and the mucous membrane. Hereditary factors are certainly important, but it probably also arises due to factors associated with the manifestation of the disease. Itís believed that the mechanism behind the formation of blisters is that of an autoimmune disorder, with the formation of antibodies directed at the junctions between cells of the epidermis. The ungluing of the cells causes the formation of blisters. Various different forms of Pemphigus exist. Treatment is based on systemic cortisones, immunosuppressants, local antiseptics and cortisones. Best regards, Dr Lorenzo Peli Ė Dermatologist Ė GISED.

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