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Insect bites - FAQ

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Insect bites

Insect bites are unpleasant incidences that provoke a generally bothersome, but sometimes more serious, response. Bites often have a “food” purpose: this is the case for the so-called hematophagous which bite to suck blood, like mosquitoes, lice, horseflies, fleas, ticks and bedbugs.

Hello, while I'm writing I am feverish, I am too weak, and I tell you that I was stung by a kind of yellow ladybug, making a typical bubble on the arm similar to that of the mosquito. What insect was? How do I care? I look forward to. Thank you

Dear sir, for a more precise diagnosis we would like more information. The insect flew or has been found attached to the skin, then it detached? It has been crushed on the skin? In the first case, there may be a puncture by sandfly in the second a tick's puncture. Finally, the release of substances following the crushing might involve an arthropod (e.g. Paederus). In any case, I think it is useful to consult a doctor. Best regards. Dr. Luigi Naldi - GISED coordinator

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