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Condylomata acuminata is lesioning of the ano-genital/oral mucous membranes or on the skin. The lesions are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and are of soft consistency and normal skin colouration.

Dear Doctor, I suspect that I have contracted condylomata acuminata from HPV at both a vaginal and oral level. I suspect due to the fact that after having unprotected sex 4 and a half months ago, I noticed folds in the vaginal area, which also feel like they are getting in the way, and lesions in the form of pimples on the inside of the small lips, both coloured pink. In my mouth, I also feel and see in the mirror, a noticeable area on the surface of the inside of my cheek. I have consulted a gynaecologist that told me that they were normal folds and that maybe they could be condylomas, but that they didnít seem it to him. Moreover, the last smear test that I had in November 2002 didnít highlight any HPV. Meanwhile a dermatologist told me that there isnít anything in my mouth, except for maybe small accumulations of sebum under the skin on the sides of my lips. Nevertheless I see a noticeable area of circular shapes and small haematomas on the inside of my lips. If they were condylomas would they grow rapidly and could I notice the changes? Could they cure themselves spontaneously? One last question, , if they werenít condylomas, could they be some venereal disease? I know itís not easy to diagnose without seeing, but at least you could tell me if I should have a more detailed consultation with other specialists or have laboratorial tests done? I thank you in anticipation, Best regards.

Dear Writer, I would say to calm yourself. I believe that the major part of your problem is connected with worry and fear as a consequence of having had unprotected sex. Itís good practice, in general, to use adequate protection when you have casual sex. A clinical examination is the principle method with which you diagnose infections by HPV. On the basis of the diagnosis by both a gynaecologist and a dermatologist I would say donít worry. Any tests to diagnose venereal diseases depends on the case history and it doesnít seem to me that the symptoms exist in your case to warrant a diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease. Best regards. Dr Luigi Naldi. Coordinatore Gruppo Italiano Studi Epidemiologici in Dermatologia (GISED).

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