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Angioma - FAQ

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There are many types of angioma. Angiomas are benign tumours consisting of small blood vessels. These tumours can be located all over the body. Angiomas can be distinguished as flat and tuberose or raised.

Hi, my name is (Ö), Iím 23 and I would like to put a question to the experts who kindly respond on your website. Since I was little I have had lots of little red spots on half of my right arm, each spot surrounded by a pale ring. Now the spots go all the way up my arm to my shoulder. Apart from increasing in numbers, they havenít given me any problems. Theyíre not itchy, theyíre not raised or bumpy and they donít bleedÖreally nothing. Years passed and now Iím with a dermatologist. But, he doesnít know what to tell me, and often, just to give it a name, he says that maybe itís Lichen aureus. I havenít enquired any further, but Iím very curious to know what it is Iíve got. I thank you and wait for your reply.

Dear Friend, itís probable that the little spots are small angiomas. You can check it out by using a magnifying glass; putting it flat over the red spots and then pressing on them lightly you should see the spots disappear, which will reappear as soon as you have removed the pressure. The presence of lots of small angiomas doesnít usually present any particular problems, but even so itís useful to make another appointment with a dermatologist. Best regards. Dr Lorenzo Peli Ė dermatologist Ė GISED.

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