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Centro Studi GISED was established in 2002 as a nonprofit organisation to develop independent clinical research in Dermatology and to promote an Evidence Based approach to the clinical management of skin disorders . Initially, activities were mainly focused on the coordination of the research projects of the Italian Group for Epidemiologic Research in Dermatology (GISED). Subsequently, they expanded to embrace any kind of clinical research, medical humanities, and health education.

In 2003, Centro Studi GISED got formal recognition for its activity and mandate by Regione Lombardia being entered in the Enterprise Registry (Registro delle Imprese) of the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce with number 2096.

In October 2003, Centro Studi GISED signed an agreement with the Regional Hospital, Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo, and established its headquarter at the Department of Dermatology of the same Hospital.

Since 2003, following an agreement with the University of Milan, Centro Studi GISED is participating in the Inter-universitary Centre Thomas Chalmers for the development of systematic reviews and their implementation in clinical practice.


Answers from the Dermatologist

Genital lesions

Answers from the DermatologistQuestion: Dear Doctor, My name’s (…) and I am affected with sclero-atrophic lichen of the genitals. This has created phimosis on the foreskin that makes it difficult to reveal the glans...
Answer: Dear Sir, Thank you for your message. Sclero-atrophic lichen is an chronic inflammatory disease in which the cause is unknown and which frequently affects the genitals. Unfortunately, interventions that are undoubtedly effective are not available...


Research Projects

Program of imaging and assisted...

imagingThis is a structured research program focused on the development of systems for the management of clinical images...

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