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Updated Apr 3, 2012

The Website
www.centrostudigised.it provides information about medical issues specifically in dermatology.

The main purpose of the site is to inform the public on the research programmes and training activities conducted by Centro Studi GISED and to provide online services of special interest in dermatology.

The site offers scientific updates on dermatology taking cue from the international scientific literature.

The last modification date is provided for each page of the site. In particular all the news, articles and insights have the publication date included.

Any claims relating to the benefits or performance of a specific medical treatment, commercial product or service is supported by clear references to scientific results and/or published articles.

The site also offers users the opportunity to ask questions to dermatologists of Centro Studi GISED and to receive answers by e-mail.

The site is aimed at all those people (doctors, researchers, students, patients, users in general) that are interested in deepening topics related to scientific research in dermatology.

The site does not receive any form of funding or sponsorship for its maintenance.

Services available on the site are completely free of charge.

Links to external websites (link), of possible interest to users, are present on the site.

In this regard, two categories of sites are presented:

  1. sites owned by Centro Studi GISED, such as www.fiordipelle.it and www.react-lombardia.net;
  2. sites owned by others.

In the latter case, by linking to such external sites, users gain automatically access to a site owned by others for which Centro Studi GISED assumes no responsibility.

The site does not take part in campaigns of banners/links exchange.

Links deemed "useful" for users of the site are included in a special section.

The site receives no funding for the insertion of such links.

The site does not carry or receive funding for advertising content and does not provide advice on specific drugs.

The information provided on the site is meant to complement and not replace any advice, information or examination from a health professional or patient's health care provider.


Answers from the Dermatologist

The section "Answers from the dermatologist" allows to ask specific questions to dermatologists of Centro Studi GISED*, upon filling in an online form.

Answers from dermatologists of site can't be regarded as diagnostic advices or determinations for pharmaceutical treatments, but simply indications aimed at informing people.

Centro Studi GISED urges users to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis and for answers to their personal medical questions.

The use of this information is under the responsibility, control and discretion of the users of the site.

The service "Answers from the dermatologist" is totally free

The questions asked and the answers could be published in the special section of the "Answers from the dermatologist", anonymously and in compliance with the legislation on privacy (see privacy policy), after approval for publication by the user by marking the appropriate box on the online form.

Questions of greater interest to users will be selected.

We advice people who submit questions NOT to include full name, phone number, residence or other personal information

Not to insert phrases offensive or harmful to people or property.

Not to use the webform for sending spam.

The e-mail included in the "E-mail" field on the form must be unique and consistent with the standard RFC-2822. The inclusion of the email address is required and will be used and kept only as long as necessary to answer the question asked for.

In the "Question" field it is not permitted the inclusion of Internet addresses (i.e. nome@dominio.com, www.nomesito.com), expressions or html constructs that can put off a link to the Internet.
The question must be precise and made synthetically, without exceeding the maximum limit of 5000 typed characters (including spaces).

We reaffirm that the service provided by the section "Answers from the dermatologist" is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified dermatology professional or physician and that the answer given, without a direct contact with the patient, is for general information only.


* Dermatologists who supply the answers are collaborators of the Centro Studi GISED.

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